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Numérotation des épisodes d'AngryJoeShow

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Numérotation des épisodes d'AngryJoeShow Empty
MessageSujet: Numérotation des épisodes d'AngryJoeShow Numérotation des épisodes d'AngryJoeShow I_icon_minitimeSam 13 Aoû - 20:02

Non non, vous ne rêvez pas, les vidéo d'Angry Joe seront dorénavant numérotées !
Afin de toujours garder les vidéos dans l'ordre chronologique de sortie, le système de numérotation qu'on utilisera sera un peu compliqué.

Pour les Angry Reviews :
On utilise le numéro de la review dans la rubrique "Angry Joe Show Reviews" sur ce site :
[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Pour les autres vidéos :
Pour les vidéos qui ne sont pas classées dans la rubrique "Angry Joe Show Reviews", on utilise le numéro de l'Angry Review qui est sortie juste avant auquel on ajoute un "B".
"Petite" liste non exhaustive :
000B    Top Reasons 2 kicks ass 07/01/2009
000B    Top Reasons Kicks ass 13/01/2009
000B    Top Reasons MK vs DC kicks ass with Special Guest: Reptile 24/01/2009
000B    Top Reasons LOTR Conquest kicks ass 03/02/2009
000B    Sins of a Solar Empire Expansion Game Preview 10/02/2009
000B    GTA IV - The Lost and Damned Parody Preview 17/02/2009
000B    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Parody Preview 22/02/2009
001B    Top Reasons Empire: Total War Kicks ass 02/03/2009
003B    5 Things That Pissed Me Off About 03/04/2009
003B    Riddick Dark Athena Game Preview 06/04/2009
003B    Top 6 Upcoming MMORPGs 14/04/2009
003B    Top Six Upcoming MMORPGs Part 2 16/04/2009
003B    Terminator Salvation: The Good and the bad 22/04/2009
004B    Broken Steel DLC Preview 04/05/2009
004B    Red Faction - Guerrilla: First Impressions Parody 06/05/2009
005B    1 Year Anniversary: Hotel Awesome Episode One 15/05/2009
005B    1 Year Anniversary: Hotel Awesome Episode Two 16/05/2009
005B    1 Year Anniversary: Hotel Awesome Episode Three 17/05/2009
005B    1 Year Anniversary: Hotel Awesome Episode Four 18/05/2009
005B    Stuff I Got To Say: Terminator 5 Plot Details 25/05/2009
006B    Double Feature Review: Star Trek DAC & Riddick 06/06/2009
006B    Project Natal - Milo Parody 12/06/2009
006B    5 Reasons Why We Hate/Don't Hate Ghostbusters 16/06/2009
007B    Mtn Dew: World of Warcraft Game Fuel: Stuff Reviews 17/06/2009
011B    Top Reasons 2: Controversy Bullsh*t or Not 13/07/2009
012B    Borderlands Gameplay Trailer "Joe-hanced" 31/07/2009
013B    Weapon Design Contest: Victory! 09/08/2009
014B    WTF GameFly 17/08/2009
014B    WTF Chick-Fil-A 20/08/2009
014B    Star Wars The Old Republic: Sith Warrior 31/08/2009
014B    Star Trek Online 14/09/2009
014B    40th Day: (Weapon Customization) 21/09/2009
014B    Halo: ODST Pre-Order Pickup 23/09/2009
017B    EXTREME BRUTAL LEGEND 14/10/2009
018B    Joe's Excellent Youmacon Journey! 03/11/2009
018B    TGWTG Youmancon Q&A panel 04/11/2009
018B    Star Trek Online Angry Joe Armada 08/11/2009
018B    TV: Steven Seagal's Lawman 14/11/2009
020B    Update: Order 67 25/11/2009
020B    Machinima Theater: Angry Joanna!? 02/12/2009
020B    King Arthur Review 03/12/2009
020B    Doug & Linkara Riff on Dragonball 05/12/2009
020B    Why Spike's Video Game Awards Suck 15/12/2009
020B    Mass Effected: "Pilot" Episode 29/12/2009
020B    Will it Suck? Star Trek Online 02/01/2010
023B    Top 5 Reasons Aliens Vs Predator is Awesome! 10/02/2010
023B    Bad Demos & Early Reviews (AVP) 18/02/2010
023B    Top 5 Reasons Napoleon is Awesome! 21/02/2010
025B    Top 5 Things I hated About STO: Spoony Vs Joe 03/03/2010
026B    Final Judgement Interviews - User Q&A 07/03/2010
034B    Bloopers Ep 01 - Tektonik Dance! 14/04/2010
034B    Hotel Awesome Season 1 16/04/2010
034B    AVP's Rebellion Studios 18/04/2010
034B    Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Announcement! 21/04/2010
038B    Top 5 Red Dead Redemption 12/05/2010
038B    Year Two: Hotel Awesome: Season 2 - Episode 1 18/05/2010
038B    Super Mario Crossover 19/05/2010
038B    Year Two: Hotel Awesome: Season 2 - Episode 2 19/05/2010
038B    Year Two: Hotel Awesome: Season 2 - Episode 3 20/05/2010
038B    Year Two: Hotel Awesome: Season 2 - Episode 4 21/05/2010
038B    Year Two: Hotel Awesome: Season 2 - Episode 5 22/05/2010
038B    AJ: Doug and Crew Play Dance Maniax JParadise!!! 23/05/2010
039B    The NEW AngryJoeShow! Ep 01 30/05/2010
040B    Your Ticket to E3 2010! 09/06/2010
041B    Molossia Landing Day 16/06/2010
041B    Breakfast w/ Benzaie & TGWTG Crew! 18/06/2010
041B    E3 2010-AJ Attacks SWTOR Developers! 20/06/2010
041B    Shogun 2 - Total War 23/06/2010
041B    Sonic 4 EP01: Why is it Episodic? 25/06/2010
041B    XCOM: Why an FPS?! w/ James Rolfe! 27/06/2010
041B    E3 2010-Spoony & Angry Joe Play Kinect! 29/06/2010
041B    Lisa Interviews BRINK & PowerGiG! 30/06/2010
041B    Lucha Libre! Señor AJ vs. Spoonero Uno! 03/07/2010
042B    Fable III: Fool me Thrice? 09/07/2010
046B    Two Worlds II: Will it Suck? 23/07/2010
046B    Deus Ex 3 - Best Game of E3! 25/07/2010
046B    Warhammer 40K MMO 28/07/2010
047B    LOTR: War in The North RPG Details 06/08/2010
048B    Fallout: New Vegas 11/08/2010
049B    Mafia II 17/08/2010
049B    Spec Ops: The Line 20/08/2010
054B    AJ: The D&D Freakout! 05/09/2010
056B    Pirates of the Carribean: Armada Interview 12/09/2010
056B    SWTOR - Space Combat! 15/09/2010
057B    Steel Battalion 22/09/2010
059B    Star Wars 3D - Rerelease 03/10/2010
059B    The Settlers 7 in 5 Seconds 06/10/2010
062B    Halloween Special 30/10/2010
063B    Dance Central 05/11/2010
069B    TGWTG Plays Just Dance 2 08/12/2010
069B    @ The VGAs-First Impressions 13/12/2010
069B    Geoff Keighley Answers Your Questions – VGA’s 2010 14/12/2010
069B    Felicia Day 19/12/2010
072B    Angry Joe Plays Kinectimals! 10/01/2011
072B    Angry Joe Plays Kinectimals! Part 2 12/01/2011
072B    (Parody of) Brad Tries: Lemon Grass Soda 16/01/2011
072B    10 Worst Games of '10 19/01/2011
072B    King Arthur 2 23/01/2011
074B    Angry Joe Plays Dance Masters 06/02/2011
075B    Fable 4: What Do You Want? 13/02/2011
075B    10 Best Games of '10 16/02/2011
075B    Angry Joe & Corporate Commander Play DCUO! 20/02/2011
076B    Angry Joe Plays Dragon Age II 27/02/2011
076B    Dawn of War II - First Impressions 02/03/2011
076B    Top 5 Reasons Shogun 2 Will Kick Ass! 09/03/2011
078B    Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2011 23/03/2011
080B    AngryJoeShow Under New Management! 01/04/2011
080B    GamersGlobal vs Blistered Thumbs - Total War 03/04/2011
081B    Top 5 Reasons Mortal Kombat 9 Will Kick Ass! 10/04/2011
082B    Angry Joe Plays MJ Kinect "Beat It" 20/04/2011
082B    3year Anniv. AJS Vlog 29/04/2011
082B    Hotel Awesome Season 2 (in its entirety) 01/05/2011
083B    Thor 3D Movie Review 08/05/2011
083B    Angry Joe Plays Man vs. Wild 11/05/2011
083B    The Spoony One vs Angry Joe: MK Versus 15/05/2011
084B    Angry Joe Plays Man Vs Wild: Sahara Desert 22/05/2011
085B    Angry Joe Plays D&D Daggerdale 29/05/2011
085B    E3 2011 Announcement 03/06/2011
086B    E3 - Blistered Thumbs Big 3 Conference Impressions 10/06/2011
086B    The Best & Worst Games & Stories of E3 12/06/2011
086B    Hitman: Absolution 14/06/2011
086B    Deus Ex 15/06/2011
086B    Retro-City Rampage and Hands-On 17/06/2011
086B    ConBravo Announcement 19/06/2011
087B    Angry Joe & Spoony E3 XCOM Interview 26/06/2011
087B    Sword of the Stars II: Exclusive Gameplay &
The Lords of Winter Revealed!
087B    Sword of the Stars II 29/06/2011
087B    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 03/07/2011
088B    Blistered Thumbs E3 Awards - Vote Now! 10/07/2011
089B    Angry Joe Plays Harry Potter Kinect 17/07/2011
090B    Angry Joe Plays Call of Juarez - The Cartel 24/07/2011
090B    Rusty Hearts Gameplay Impressions (Beta) 29/07/2011
090B    Making a Good Webshow with Doug, Spoony & Angry Joe 03/08/2011
093B    Gaming Reviewing - ConBravo 17/08/2011
093B    Angry Joe Plays Ages of Empire Online (Gameplay Impressions) 21/08/2011
093B    Top 5 Reasons Space Marine Will Kick Ass! 24/08/2011
093B    Update Pax Prime 2011 26/08/2011
093B    PAX - Lollipop, Star Wars Kinect Tribes 31/08/2011
093B    PAX Set 2 02/09/2011
093B    PAX Set 3 04/09/2011
093B    PAX Set 4 07/09/2011
093B    Sword of the Stars II: Fan Gathering 2011 Exclusive! 11/09/2011
094B    Angry Joe vs. Other Joe - Fight Night 18/09/2011
094B    Crimson Alliance Gameplay Impressions 21/09/2011
094B    League of Legends: Dominion Impressions 29/09/2011
099B    Angry Joe Plays Battlefield 3 Co-op 28/10/2011
099B    Sword of the Stars II Update 30/10/2011
099B    Angry Joe Plays Rise of Nightmares 02/11/2011
099B    SWTOR - Darth Joe vs SpoonyWan 04/11/2011
099B    Angry Joe Plays LotR: WitN 06/11/2011
100B    Angry Joe Plays Skyrim 13/11/2011
100B    Angry Joe Plays SWTOR Beta 20/11/2011
101B    Angry Joe Plays Saints Row 3 25/11/2011
102B    Angry Joe Plays League of Legends - Volibear & Warwick 04/12/2011
102B    Angry Joe PSA - Stop SOPA 09/12/2011
102B    Corporate Commander SOPA PSA 16/12/2011
102B    Angry Joe Plays Trine 2 21/12/2011
102B    Top 10 BEST Games of 2011 30/12/2011
102B    AJ's Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2011 05/01/2012
102B    AJ's Top 10 Worst Games of 2011 08/01/2012
102B    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announcement & Details! 11/01/2012
102B    SOPA Victory! AJS Update! 15/01/2012
102B    King Arthur II - Video Preview & Impressions 18/01/2012
102B    Gettysburg: Armored Warfare 27/01/2012
102B    Warlock: Master of the Arcane 29/01/2012
102B    War of the Roses 01/02/2012
104B    Comic Geek Debate 08/02/2012
108B    TERA Sexy Beta Impressions 26/02/2012
108B    Binary Domain 29/02/2012
108B    Top 5 Reasons ME3 Sucks/Kicks Ass 04/03/2012
108B    Happy Action Theatre 07/03/2012
108B    WTF! Capcom Angry Rant 10/03/2012
108B    Site Relaunch! 13/03/2012
109B    Top Reasons Why We Hate ME3's Ending 18/03/2012
109B    ME3 Indoctrination Theory & DLC 21/03/2012
109B    100K Celebration 24/03/2012
109B    Diablo 3 Class Preview 28/03/2012
109B    Guild Wars 2 Release Date! 31/03/2012
109B    ME3 Extended Cut DLC Revealed 07/04/2012
109B    Star Wars Kinect Dance-Off 08/04/2012
110B Interviews Angry Joe 17/04/2012
110B    Why Buy Witcher 2 Enhanced? 18/04/2012
110B    Angry Joe Plays Legend of Grimlock 20/04/2012
111B    Angry Joe Plays Skull Girls 25/04/2012
111B    Angry Joe Plays Guild Wars 2 Beta - PVP 28/04/2012
111B    Wild Hunt for Witcher 3 30/04/2012
111B    Gemini Wars Preview 05/05/2012
112B    GOG Interview & Giveaway 09/05/2012
112B    Angry Joe Plays Dragons Dogma 10/05/2012
113B    Angry Joe Plays Spec-Ops: The Line 23/05/2012
113B    AJ Tries Steel Battalion 25/05/2012
113B    Angry Joe Plays Torchlight II 27/05/2012
114B    E3 2012 Submit Qs 02/06/2012
114B    AJ & Spoony Exclusive: XCOM 2012 09/06/2012
114B    Star Trek, Aliens & Van Helsing 12/06/2012
114B    DcM, RE6 & Raven's City 13/06/2012
114B    Injustice, Dishonered & ESO 14/06/2012
114B    Tomb Raider & Sleeping Dogs 15/06/2012
114B    EON, Defiance & Young Justice 16/06/2012
114B    Angry Joe Plays Avengers Kinect 19/06/2012
114B    Hawken & Controller 20/06/2012
115B    Angry Joe Plays Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes 27/06/2012
117B    Resident Evil 6 Let's Play 07/07/2012
117B    Game of Thrones Vlog 13/07/2012
118B    Kung-Fu Kinect 26/07/2012
118B    War of the Roses ESport Tournament 29/07/2012
118B    Why I Like League of Legends 05/08/2012
119B    Angry Joe Plays Expendables 2 25/08/2012
123B    Star Wars 7 Announced 02/11/2012
125B    Star Citizen Pledge 18/11/2012
128B    Top 10 Best Games of 2012 30/12/2012
128B    Top 10 Gaming Controversies (of 2012) 04/01/2013
128B    Top 10 Worst Games of 2012 10/01/2013
128B    Dead Space 3 Impressions 16/01/2013
129B    Why Evil Dead Kicks Ass 24/01/2013
129B    Aliens CM Will Kick Ass! 31/01/2013
130B    PS4 Impressions 23/02/2013
134B    Superman vs. Batman: Final Debate 12/04/2013
138B    Xbox One Angry Rant 22/05/2013
138B    HEX TCG/MMO Pledge & Interview 04/06/2013
138B    Exclusive Xbox One Interview 18/06/2013
144B    Ben Affleck is Batman?! Rant 27/08/2013
145B    It's Over 1,000,000! 01/09/2013
149B    Top 10 Controversies of 2013 04/01/2014
149B    Top 10 Worst Games of 2013 12/01/2014
149B    Top 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2014 12/02/2014
149B    Elder Scrolls Online Impressions 20/02/2014
153B    AJ Plays M&M Duel of Champions 28/04/2014
158B    Dragon Age 3 Impressions 08/11/2014
160B    Angry Joe Plays Heroes of Might & Magic Online 01/12/2014
160B    Angry Joe Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 2 06/12/2014
160B    Angry Joe Drives a Tank! 20/12/2014
160B    Top 10 Best Games of 2014 10/01/2015
160B    Top 10 Worst Games of 2014 11/01/2015
160B    Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2014 01/02/2015
164B    Supergirl (CBS) First Look - Reaction & Impressions 17/05/2015
168B    Top 5 Best Games at E3 2015! 25/06/2015
170B    Metal Gear Solid V Angry Interview 05/07/2015
171B    Batman vs. Superman Comic-Con Reaction & Impressions 12/07/2015
171B    Suicide Squad Reactions & Impressions 18/07/2015
172B    Suicide Squad's Joker AMAZING Fan Theory! 20/07/2015
176B    Angry Joe Plays Superhot 22/08/2015
178B    Angry Joe Plays Party Hard 03/09/2015
181B    Angry Joe Plays Ghost Control Inc. 04/10/2015
181B    Star Wars Battlefront BETA Impressions 11/10/2015
181B    EA Battlefront Season Pass Angry Rant 19/10/2015
183B    AngryJoe Vs. OtherJoe in WWE 2k16! 14/11/2015
185B    Batman vs Superman Trailer [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] Angry Rant Reaction! 04/12/2015
185B    Angry Joe Plays Far Cry Primal 06/12/2015
185B    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer Reaction 13/12/2015
185B    Angry Joe Plays Just Cause 3 15/12/2015
186B    Star Wars 7 Spoilers & Theories Discussion 25/12/2015
186B    AngryJoe's Plane Scare Vlog & Update! 08/01/2016
186B    Top 10 Best Games of 2015 15/01/2016
186B    AngryJoe's The Division Gameplay & Impressions 16/01/2016
186B    AngryJoe Suicide Squad Trailer [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] Reaction 22/01/2016
186B    Mortal Kombat X PC Support Angry Rant 23/01/2016
186B    Top 10 Worst Games of 2015 24/01/2016
186B    Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2015 07/02/2016
186B    Batman v Superman Final Trailer Angry Reaction 13/02/2016
186B    Angry Joe Plays The Witness 14/02/2016
189B    Ghostbusters Angry Trailer Reaction 04/03/2016
189B    Civil War Trailer [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] Angry Reaction 13/03/2016
192B    AJ's Stellaris Developer Preview 02/04/2016
192B    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Angry Reaction 08/04/2016
193B    Suicide Squad Trailer [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] Angry Reaction 15/04/2016
193B    Dr. Strange Teaser Angry Reaction 16/04/2016
195B    Outlast 2 Developer Preview 01/05/2016
196B    COD: Infinite Warfare Angry Trailer Reaction 05/05/2016
197B    Battlefield 1 Angry Trailer Reaction 08/05/2016
198B    Ghostbusters Trailer [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] Angry Trailer Reaction 20/05/2016
198B    Assassins Creed Angry Trailer Reaction 21/05/2016
203B    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2016 19/06/2016
210B    Justice League Angry Trailer Reaction 27/07/2016
210B    AJ's Justice League Reaction Response & Movie Plot Info 29/07/2016
211B    AJ's Reaction - Man of Steel 2 In Development? 09/08/2016
Si jamais plusieurs vidéos non-"Angry Review" traduites sur le forum sont sorties entre la même paire d'Angry Reviews consécutives, on numérotera ces vidéos avec des lettres dont l'ordre correspond à l'ordre chronologique de sortie (par exemple, "A" pour la plus ancienne, "B", puis "C" pour la plus récente…).

Modérateur à l'humour douteux et à l'art déviant.
Gérant principal des comptes Twitter et YouTube officiels des Fans de NC.
Sur d'autres sites, mon pseudo est Jdtendo, mais c'est clairement moins marrant que "Montcuq", qu'on se le dise !
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Numérotation des épisodes d'AngryJoeShow

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