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 | Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous Banniz10

Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous

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Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous Empty
MessageSujet: Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous I_icon_minitimeJeu 28 Mai - 19:17

Comme la numérotation du Wikia officiel semble avoir arrêté de vouloir numéroter les épisodes de 'Phelous and the Movies' correctement, voilà la liste complète (et classée avec le nom des films critiqués plutôt qu'avec le nom des reviews avec des "Ph-" et des "-lous" partout) !
[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

001Mac and Me
002I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer FAIT !
003* Mac and Me in 3 minutes
004Funny Games
005* Mortal Komedy Holiday Special 3
006* The People Shooters Part II
007* Dragonball CG Ep 1
008The Ruins
009Silent Hill FAIT !
011* A Serious Intro to Phelous
012Troll 2
013Skinned Deep
015* Mortal Komedy Episode 1 Parts 1 and 2
016* Resident Hazard
017Troll 3
018* Mortal Komedy Episode 2 Parts 1 and 2
019Cabin Fever
020* DBZ: Is that OK? (Part 1)
021The Midnight Meat Train
022* Resident Hazard 2
023* DBZ: Is That OK? (Part 2)
024Day of the Dead
025* Mortal Komedy Ep 03
026* Resident Phelous Trailer
027Resident Evil FAIT !
028* Transformers - Starscream's Coronation Take 2
029Resident Evil: Apocalypse FAIT !
030Resident Evil: Extinction FAIT !
031S.T.A.R.S. PSA
033Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
034Fear Dot Com
035Santa's Slay
034Night of the Lepus
035I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer
036Day of the Dead 2: Contagium
037Automaton Transfusion
038* Mortal Komedy Holiday Special 4 - Part 1 and 2
039Pet Semetary 2
040Night of the Living Dead 3D
041The Deaths of Ian Stone
042Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
043Quest For The Mighty Sword
044Evil Dead 3
045* Transformers - Prime's Death Take 2 (parody)
046Hostel Part 1
047Hostel Part 2
048* Hostel 1 and 2 in 5 seconds
049Death Row
050Cinema Snob & Phelous - Troll 4
051Benzaie & Phelous - Humains FAIT !
052The Reaping
053Ghost Ship
054Dawn of the Living Dead
055Open Graves
057DotCom For Murder
058Pulse (1988)
059* Troll 4 Commentary
060Pulse (2003)
061Pulse (2006)
062Pulse 2
063Pulse 3
064Pulse (2010)
065Fatal Pulse
067Silent Hill: Homecoming
068Resident Evil: Afterlife Rant
069Case 39
071Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid (Anaconda 2)
072Anaconda 3: Offspring
073Anacondas: Trail of Blood (Anaconda 4)
074Stay Alive
074House of the Dead
075House of the Dead 2
076Dead & Deader
077Silent Hill Again FAIT !
078House of the Dead (Funny Version)
080Nightmare City
081Triangle FAIT !
082Black Christmas
082Five Across The Eyes
083Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary
084Children of the Living Dead
085La Horde FAIT !
086Chain Letter
088Dead Snow
089Top 10 8th Doctor Moments
090Birdemic (Part 1) FAIT !
091Birdemic (Part 2) FAIT !
092The Human Centipede
093Funny Games Again
094* Resident Hazard 3
095Twilight FAIT !
096Resident Evil: Degeneration
097Resident Evil: Afterlife FAIT !
098Drag me to Hell
099Drive Thru
100A Serbian Film FAIT !
101Swamp Zombies
101-bisLOST - The Man in Black - REALLY!? FAIT !
102Boogeyman (2005)
103Boogeyman 2 (2007)
104Boogeyman 3 (2008)
105The Boogey Man (1980)
106Boogeyman 2 (1983)
107Return of the Boogeyman (1994)
108Stephen King's The Boogeyman
109Meow Mix
110Jeepers Creepers
111Jeepers Creepers 2
112Quarantine 2
114Crocodile 2
116House of Wax FAIT !
117Prom Night
118The Amityville Horror
119A Nightmare on Elm Street
120Halloween: Resurrection
121Wrong Turn
122Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
123Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
124Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
125The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
127Satan Claus
128Jack Frost
129Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
130Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins
131Hostel Part III
132Obscurus Lupa and Phelous: Julie & Jack
134Evil Toons
135Octopus 2
137Turtles Forever FAIT !
138My Bloody Valentine
139Mortal Kombat
140Mortal Kombat Annihilation (Mortal Kombat 2)
141Phelous & Nostalgia Critic: Child's Play 2 FAIT !
142Silent Hill: Downpour
143Mortal Komedy Review
144Killdoser FAIT !
145Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
146* Mortal Komedy Episode 3
147* Mortal Kombat Conquest Episode 1: Warrior Eternal FAIT !
148Seventh Moon
149* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Cold Reality FAIT !
150Man's Best Friend
151Aladdin FAIT !
153BloodRayne 2: Deliverance
154BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich
156Mortal Kombat: Immortal Kombat
157NC & Phelous - Child's Play 3 FAIT !
158In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
159In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds
160Resident Evil: Damnation
161Resident Evil 6
162Halloween (2007)
163Halloween 2 (2009)
164Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
165Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)
166TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells
167TMNT: Gettin' Down in Your Town
168The Real Ghostbusters: X-Mas Marks the Spot FAIT !
169Sonic Christmas Bust FAIT !
170Koopa Klaus & The Night Before Cave Christmas FAIT !
171Silent Night
172* Mortal Kombat Conquest - The Essence FAIT !
173* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Noob Saibot FAIT !
174Resident Evil Retribution (Part 1)
175Resident Evil Retribution (Part 2)
176Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Part 1)
177Marvel Universe The Book of the Dead 1&2 FAIT !
178Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Part 2)
179Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Top Dumbest Moments 40-21 (Part 1) FAIT !
180Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Top Dumbest Moments 20-1 (Part 2) FAIT !
181* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Debt of the Dragon FAIT !
182Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (Part 1) FAIT !
183Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (Part 2) FAIT !
184* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Undying Dream FAIT !
186* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Quan Chi FAIT !
187Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde FAIT !
188* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Unholy Alliance FAIT !
189Deadly Friend
190Jacob’s Ladder
191Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time (Part 1) FAIT !
192Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time (Part 2) FAIT !
193Garfield's Halloween Aventure
194The Garfield Show Halloween Episodes
194-bisThe Time Machine (I Found at a Yard Sale) (Part 1)
194-terThe Time Machine (I Found at a Yard Sale) (Part 2)
195Psycho Santa
196The Gingerdead Man
197He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special FAIT !
198* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Thicker Than Blood FAIT !
199Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (Part 1) FAIT !
200Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (Part 2) FAIT !
201* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Shadow of a Doubt FAIT !
202The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust
203Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (Cabin Fever 3)
204The Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver
205In The Name Of The King 3 Last Mission
206* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Twisted Truths FAIT !
207* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Festival of Death FAIT !
208Prom Night 2: Hello, Mary Lou
209Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss (Part 1)
210Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss (Part 2)
211Beauty & the Beast (Part 1) FAIT !
212Beauty & the Beast (Part 2) FAIT !
213Lion & the King (Part 1) FAIT !
214Lion & the King (Part 2) FAIT !
215* Mortal Kombat Conquest - The Serpent and the Ice FAIT !
216The Grudge
217Beauty & the Beast G2 (Part 1) FAIT !
218Beauty & the Beast G2 (Part 2) FAIT !
219Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort
220Foodfight! (Part 1) FAIT !
221Foodfight! (Part 2) FAIT !
222Cricket On The Hearth (Part 1) FAIT !
223Cricket On The Hearth (Part 2) FAIT !
224To All a Goodnight
225* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Kreeya FAIT !
226* Mortal Kombat Conquest - The Master FAIT !
227* Mortal Kombat Conquest - In Kold Blood FAIT !
228* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Flawed Victory FAIT !
229* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Balance Of Power FAIT !
230Puss 'N Boots (Part 1) FAIT !
231Puss 'N Boots (Part 2) FAIT !
232Phelous and Me Review (Review de la review de 'Mac and Me')
233Dragon Ball: The Path to Power
234* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Stolen Lies FAIT !
235* Mortal Kombat Conquest - Vengeance FAIT !
236TMNT: Planet of the Turtleoids (Part 1) FAIT !
237TMNT: Planet of the Turtleoids (Part 2) FAIT !
238The Real Ghostbusters: The Good Episodes
239The Real Ghostbusters: The Bad Episodes
240Dragon Ball Z: Top 15 Funniest Alternations & Censoring FAIT !
241Until Dawn
242Real Ghostbusters: Big Trouble with Little Slimer
243Alice in Wonderland FAIT !
245Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie FAIT !
246Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys FAIT !
247Magic Gift of the Snowman FAIT !
248Dinosaur Adventure FAIT !
249Extreme Ghostbusters
250Countryside Bears FAIT !
251The Secret of the Hunchback FAIT !
252TMNT: Trans-Dimensional Turtles
253Transformers G1 (Series Review)
254The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Golden Films) FAIT !
255The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Dingo Pictures)FAIT !
256Hellraiser: Hellworld
257Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
258Beauty and the Beast Anime FAIT !
259Cinderella (GoodTimes) FAIT !
260The Little Mermaid (GoodTimes) FAIT !
261Transformers Top 20 Funniest Dumbest Moments Part 1
262Transformers Top 20 Funniest Dumbest Moments Part 2
263Pocahontas (Dingo Pictures) FAIT !
264The Real Ghostbusters: When Halloween Was Forever
265The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door
266Friend Request
267Miracle in Toyland FAIT !
269The Christmas Tree
270Ice Cream Man
271Janis/Jamie, the Little Pig
272The Secret of Anastasia FAIT !
273Anastasia (Golden Films)
274Anastasia (Dingo Pictures)
275Resident Evil 7: BioHazard
276Beauty and the Beast (Bevanfield) FAIT !
277Fortunate Fawn
278Cabin Fever Remake FAIT !
279Transformers Headmasters Funniest Dumbest Moments Part 1
280Transformers Headmasters Funniest Dumbest Moments Part 2
281Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Part 1
282Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Part 2
283The Hunchback of Notre Dame (GoodTimes) FAIT !
284Ali Baba & the Gold Raiders
285Dragon Ball Z Big Green: Strongest Guy in the World
286The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Burbank)
287Beauty and the Beast (Burbank)
288The Wicker Man FAIT !
289Hercules (Goodtimes)
290The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer, Is That You?
291The Real Ghostbusters: Halloween II½
292Nice Cats (Dingo Pictures)
293Wabuu (Dingo Pictures)
294An Angel for Christmas (Goodtimes)
295Little Angels: The Brightest Christmas
296Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa
297Aladdin (Bevanfield)
298White Fang (Goodtimes)
299Balto (Dingo Pictures)
300Call of the Wild (Goodtimes)
301Our Friend Power 5 (TMNT)
302Jeepers Creepers 3
Aladdin (Goodtimes)
304Aladdin (Dingo Pictures)
305TMNT: Wanted Bebop and Rocksteady
306Hellraiser: Revelations
307Snow White (Goodtimes) FAIT !
308Beast Wars Series Review
309TMNT: Operation Blue Line
310Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue
311The Adventures of Young Moby-Dick
312A Sneak Peek at Pokémon
313Pocahontas (Golden Films) FAIT !
314Tarzan: Lord of the Rainforest (Dingo Pictures) FAIT !
315Mac and Me Original Ending! (Japanese Cut)
316Super Mario Bros Super Show: Count Koopula & Slimebusters
317Super Mario Bros Super Show: Koopenstein & Mario World: Ghosts ‘R’ Us
318Unfriended 2: Dark Web
319Perseus (Dingo Pictures)
320The Christmas Light
321The Christmas Brigade
322Animal Soccer World (Dingo Pictures)
323Beauty and the Beast (Britannica) FAIT !
324Rapunzel (Bevanfield)
325Resident Evil 2 ReMake
326Sleeping Beauty (Goodtimes)
327Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Bevanfield)
328Beast Machines Series Review
329Tangled Up FAIT !
330Batman VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
331Town Musicians of Bremen (Dingo Pictures)
332Lost TMNT Movie Edit (Japan/Korean)
333Happy Death Day
334TMNT Lost Adventure! The Mystery of the Cliffs
335A Time Travel Travesty!? Happy Death Day 2U
336Cutting Class / Brad Pitt's Best Film
337Born: The Movie NO ONE DARES WATCH / Alison Brie’s Hilarious Early Role
338The Cat On Boots (Dingo Pictures)
339We Wish You a Turtle Christmas
340The Horrifying Christmas Light (Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree)
341Beauty and the Beast (The Insane Elephant One!)
342Ghostbusters (Goodtimes)
343Rumpelstiltskin (Britannica)
344Bunny the Rabbit (Dingo Pictures) / The Dingo Movie Best Forgotten
345Resident Evil 3 (ReMake)
346The Secret of Mulan FAIT !
347Mortal Kombat: Scorpion’s Revenge
348Dalmatians 2 (Dingo Pictures)
349Dalmatians 3 (Dingo Pictures)
350Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might’s 5 English Dubs
351The Ghostbusters Bust The Simpsons!?
352The Bye Bye Man
353Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
354Christmas in New York (Mondo World)
355Animal Soccer World: The Book
356Hansel and Gretel (Britannica)
357Wizard of Oz (Goodtimes) FAIT !
358Beauty and the Beast (Ruby-Spears)
359The Worst Episode of Transformers
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Numérotation des épisodes de Phelous

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