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 | Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory Banniz10

Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory

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Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory Empty
MessageSujet: Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory I_icon_minitimeJeu 29 Mai - 15:42

Comme chacun semble avoir choisi une numérotation propre à soi, voici la numérotation "officielle" :

001Is Chrono Trigger's Time Travel Accurate?
002Super Mario, Pipe Dreams
003Illusion of Gaia, World Wonders
004Mortal Kombat, Fatalities IRL
005The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog
006Frogger, Australian for Games
007Batman: Arkham Asylum, Diagnosing Arkham
008Kirby's Epic Yarn, Yard Bombing
009Duke Nukem, 80s Action Star
010Viewers' Choice, Cyborgs, Fatalities, and the Riddler
011Adventure Island, A Philippines Vacation
012Halo, Power Armor in Real Life
013Earthbound, The Dark Side of Mother
014BioShock, Andrew Ryan's Underwater City
015Final Fantasy VII, Who Killed Aerith?
016Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Cyborg Technology
017Can Dig Dug Pop a Human?
018Pokemon vs. Creationists (Pokemon, Part 1)
019Pokemon, PETA, and Plasma (Pokemon, Part 2)
020Castlevania, Dracula Spectacula
021League of Legends, Champion Showdown
022Pokemon Part 3
023Star Fox, Do a Barrel Roll
024Final Fantasy 7, Shinra, Mako, and Oil
025A Merry Racist Jynx-mas
026Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees
027Call of Duty, Modern War Crimes
028LA Noire, The Human Lie Detector
029Best Boobs in Gaming
030Mass Effect 2, Zombie Shepard
031Zelda, Potions and Power Bands
032Fallout, BOOM! Headshot
033Mike Tyson's Techno Dance Party
034Donkey Kong Country and America's Secret Banana War
035Mario, The Problems with Princess Peach
036Pokemon Racism, Jynx Justified
037Monty Hall, Plinko, and Probability
038Polybius, MK Ultra, and the CIA's Brainwashing Arcade Game
039Video Game Crossovers, Super Mario RPG to God of War to Real Life
040Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong
041Walking Dead, Killing Zombies
042How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog?
043How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?
044Why Final Fantasy is Anti-Religion
045Why You're a Completionist
046The Metroid Morph Ball is LAME!
047How Assassin's Creed Predicted the Future of Science
048The TF2 Pyro...Male or Female?
049Portal's Companion Cube has a Dark Secret
050Fart Rocket Physics with the Wario Waft
051Why Living on BioShock Infinite's Floating City Would Suck!
052Mario is COMMUNIST?!?
053How PewDiePie Conquered YouTube
054Chrono Trigger Retells the BIBLE?!?
055Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith
056Video Games Predict YOUR FUTURE!
057How Pidgey "Proves" Darwinian Evolution
058Why Mario is Mental, Part 1
059Why Mario is Mental, Part 2
060Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?
061Is Link's Quest in Majora's Mask Pointless?
062Who is Mega Man's TRUE Villain?
063What's Wrong with the AVGN?
064Why You Play Video Games
065Why Call of Duty Ghosts Should Terrify You
066Why Ocarina of Time Offended Muslims
067Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible?
068Humans are Pokemon
069Wii U is the New Virtual Boy
070Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?
071Are Gamers Killing Video Games?
072Flappy Bird, PewDiePie, and Pasta Sauce
073Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?
074How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?
075How Real Can Video Games Get?
076How Rome Dominates Mobile Strategy Games
077What ARE Minecraft Creepers ?
078Watch_Dogs Warning ! YOU'RE NOT SAFE ! (Partie 1)
079Is ComicCon 2014 REALLY worth the wait ?
080Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT !
081World of Warcraft will SAVE the Economy
082Rosalina UNMASKED ! (Partie 1)
083Rosalina UNMASKED ! (Partie 2)
084Which Link Rules them all ?
085DEATH by hacking (Watch_Dogs part 2)
086Five Nights at Freddy's SCARIEST Monster is You!
087Defending Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's Regenerating Health
088Batman + Superman + COW = ???
089BEWARE Link's Hookshot in Legend of Zelda!
090FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!
091Yes, PewDiePie. YouTube IS Broken
092Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore
093The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING
094Snake is a STONER (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)
095A Tank's Biggest ITSELF (War Thunder)
096Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED.
097Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)
098Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V)
099Gamers, You're Getting Played
100Rainbow Six Siege gets a REALITY CHECK!
101Handsome Jack, Monster or Misunderstood? (Borderlands 2/The Pre-Sequel!)
102FNAF Mysteries SOLVED pt. 1
103FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (&3)
104Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason!
105The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal
106Why Video Game Movies SUCK!
107Jurassic World Hybrid Dinos ARE COMING!
108Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy
109The Strategy of Sex Appeal in Dead or Alive
110Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports
111How to SURVIVE the Mad Max Carmageddon!
112FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG
113Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?
114The Assassin's Creed Shared Universe Conspiracy
115Why FNAF will never end
116Leave PewDiePie ALONE!
117Is the MMO genre DYING? (Sponsored)
118Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario
119Exposing Destiny's LOST PLOT!
120EXPOSING the Real Gangs of Assassin's Creed Syndicate
121Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!
122Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG)
123Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero
124The Human Hive Mind Theory (Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void)
125FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's
HS01Game Theory - Draw my life
HS02Game Theory's Top 10 Educational Games
HS03   Game Theory: EXPOSED!

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Numérotation des épisodes de Game Theory

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